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Your wedding photos are too precious to be kept on your phone.  The likes fade and devices get old.  The memories of your wedding day deserve to be printed for your children and grandchildren. I'm here to provide you with the opportunity to create a tangible heirloom album that highlights the beauty, love, and richness of your wedding day story.

for generations


I'll never forget my grandparents wedding photos. There is something so beautiful about moments captured so permanently through the use of film. While film is becoming more popular, Is it the film we're after or the nostalgia? In years past, weddings were simple. A deep-founded love,  a few posed and candid shots, and an album of prints passed down for generations. What will mean the most in the end? Your photos, printed. Maybe, we've wandered so far from the heart of marriage that we've forgotten what matters most.

Maybe we've forgotten
what matters most

I'll never forget my family's printed photos


What if, instead of purchasing three-hundred wedding favors, you made an investment that would last a hundred-plus years. I believe a wedding album is the single, best investment you can make for your wedding day. It's tangible, story-based, and as permanent as earthly goods can be.  My albums are locally crafted with the highest quality materials right here in Louisville, Kentucky. What better way to share the story of two lives becoming one than a tangible, made-to-last photo album. Your children and grand children will thank you.

Your children
and grandchildren will thank you.



Are you ready to preserve
your moments for generations to come?

A heavy-duty, layflat, 10 X 10 album printed on thick Lustre paper. Includes 20 spreads, personalized debossing, and your choice of linen or leather. 

the Legacy ALBUM

A fine art, layflat, 10 x 10 album printed on thick, giclée matte, Includes 20 spreads, personalized desbossing, and your choice of linen or leather.

THE Fine art ALBUM

“Preserve your memories,
keep them well. what you forget you can never retell”



You can expect your wedding album to be completed 2 months after your online gallery is delivered. Once you receive your online gallery, we will start the album design process by selecting some favorite images from your special day.

When can we expect our wedding album to be delivered?

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After you receive your final gallery, we will start designing your album!  You will complete a that will allow you to choose your album type, fabric, and cover customizations. 

How do we customize our wedding album?

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Yes, you are welcome to add duplicate albums for family members. These albums make priceless gifts for parents and grandparents. Truly, something they'll treasure for the rest of their lives.

Can we purchase more than one album?

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These albums are made to last a lifetime. Each element of your album is hand-crafted with the finest materials for the purpose of lasting for decades. If your album begins to breakdown due to the construction of the product, it will be replaced free of charge. 

How long will your album last? 


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